Pets, Pots and Plants
Centre Gallery

04 Nov - 26 Nov

This talented group of artists, led by Theresa Shanks, share their love for their Pets, Pots and Plants in this multimedia celebration of the things that bring them joy!

Join us on November 4 from 7pm – 9pm for the opening reception to mingle and meet the artists.


Show runs from November 4 -26, 2022 in the Centre Gallery.


Exhibition Statement by Theresa Shanks:

Sometimes there is an unconditional love, not only for children, but for other entities that make us happy. My happiness comes from the passion that I have for my two pets; the plants I grow; and the pots I create. This exhibition is a collaboration of artists expressing their love for what makes them happy. Throughout my adult life, as a potter, I have watched people grow and change as they learn pottery; nurture plants as if they were children; and express or feel the love for their pets. This multimedia exhibit will express that love through texture, colour, and the passion they put into their pieces because of that unconditional love.

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