Centre Gallery

07 Oct - 29 Oct

Join us on Friday, October 7 from 7pm to 9pm for the opening reception of Joshua Kosabeck’s “Aeolus.”

Joshua Kosabeck is a Spirit River artist who has been painting in watercolour for six years.  He initially turned to art to express some of what he experienced in Ukraine while teaching English to children, and how it felt to be able to go home to a safe country as his friends faced a violent future.  In the past two years Joshua has also become interested in depicting fantasy/sci fi worlds beyond our own, but, as Ukraine is never far from his thoughts, his style has begun to blend themes of struggle and peace, isolation, and layers of misty depths.

Show Statement

Joshua has put together a collection of paintings named for the cities and villages in Ukraine that have been hardest hit.  They are ambiguous.  The lack of clarity is a reflection of current events in Ukraine and the way we see them, obscured through the lens of media reports and the uncertainty in our own country over the past two years.  Contrasted with these pieces is the clear escapism of Joshua’s fantasy worlds.  The works of fiction have more clarity than the paintings meant to portray reality.

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