What is H.A.P.I.?

Healing Arts Program Initiative

The Healing Arts Program encourages creativity, positive experiences and inclusive communities. Our HAPI artists face a variety of challenges including disability, illness, poverty, addiction and loneliness. HAPI classes allow all students to experience a sense of positive accomplishment, overcome isolation, build self-esteem, unlock hidden talents, build new skills and express themselves through a healthy outlet. The group settings of our classes allow students to form friendships and a greater sense of community. Last year over 1000 individuals participated in HAPI right here in Grande Prairie.

The program was initiated through a partnership with the Centre for Creative Arts and the John Howard Re-Integration Program. After a very successful pilot project in 2004, the program was made available to a wide range of groups throughout Grande Prairie.  The program has proven successful and has evolved into one of our most utilized services. Each year the Healing Arts Program has continued to grow, touching the lives of more individuals in our community and partnering with more organizations that have expressed a need for this type of program. The response to H.A.P.I. has been overwhelmingly positive. Groups such as Canadian Mental Health, Métis Local 1990, The John Howard Society and A.A.D.A.C. Northern Addictions Centre utilize our program through weekly classes. Groups such as Native Counseling Services and The Breakfast Club schedule evening events for their clients to participate in the H.A.P.I. program. We also accommodate individuals that wish to gain exposure to the arts but face personal, physical or financial barriers. It is our vision to offer an inclusive art program that creates a healthier more vibrant community for everyone.