Northern Perspectives x2
Centre Gallery

06 May - 28 May

Agnes McDonald and Helen Teichroeb showcase their collection of paintings portraying the nature of northern Alberta.

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Northern Perspectives x2 Show Statement

Trying to capture the awe-inspiring nature found in northern Alberta provides us with endless
artistic opportunities. We have realized that we do not need to travel to far-away places to find
beauty because of the stunning, vibrant colours that surround us.
Whether, we are painting wide vistas or focussing on individual elements, our goal is to bring
nature alive on our canvas. Golden apples, purple-hued lakes, hot air balloons or aspen lined
trails are just some of the challenges we have faced.
We hope that by combining our unique perspectives of the world around us, we can showcase
nature in a variety of forms and also raise the spirits of our viewers.

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