Dark Imaginations
Wall Gallery

06 May - 25 Jun

Roxanne Gordey’s exhibition “Dark Imaginations” showcases a collection of illustrations based on Martin McDonagh’s play of the same name, as presented by the Grande Prairie Little Theatre and directed by Tahnia Getson.

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By Roxanne Gordey
May 2, 2022

Illustrating for literature is uniquely challenging. While an artist’s work is often
a prismatic reflection of their personal experience, introducing other creative
work into the process creates an unprecedented reaction. Martin McDonagh’s
play “The Pillowman,” is laden with sinister themes and satirical undertones
and the challenge became how to effectively complement the story and
provide contrast. My aim centered on highlighting the delicate moments of
optimism captured in the faces of children.
The cultural context of source material was considered and surreal tales of
young victims felt like an homage to late Victorian authors and so I thought
the theme was worthwhile to carry through to the imagery. The drawings
were made with a simplified process and a single fountain pen to harken
back to a method similar to the time period, when materials were limited and
the personal stake in creation was high. The work is raw and largely
Thus is revealed, my personal challenge. Throughout the making of this series
I strove to make human artwork, with the evidence of real hands present in
everything. I sought to make something that was flawed and to learn
acceptance of those flaws. I seek to resist perfectionism and its destructive
sterilization of art. Alternatively, I want to approach art with meticulous care
for the various textures of life.


Website: roxieart.ca

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