No Calm From Chaos
Wall Gallery

04 Mar - 30 Apr

by Chris Deheus

“No Calm from Chaos” is Chris Deheus’s latest collection of mixed media pieces focusing on living through the last two pandemic years.

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No Calm From Chaos

March 11, 2022 marks the two year anniversary of the World Health
Organization’s declaration of Covid-19 as a global viral pandemic, an unprecedented
challenge for all. However, no calm comes from chaos unless we realize that light and
darkness always co-exist and each have their dominant times. Encouragingly, the virus’
overall potency seems to be waning, health restrictions are being lifted and the sun is
slowly rising on COVID-19’s dark night . I have opted for a predominant colour scheme
of blue, black and orange to represent this time period. It’s the hue palette in the scene
of The Empire Strikes Back when Han Solo is frozen in carbonite; like him, we are
waiting to be thawed.
I have spent the duration of the pandemic on the family farm. Over the last year I
have also built large-scale, reforestation-themed Earth Art pieces in the landscape with
found, natural, carbon-based materials. Working in nature has been therapeutic during
this time. Charcoal and paper are also organic materials, hence their central use in my
practice. Skull And Daffodil is a two-dimensional representation of this concept of life,
death and renewal. Recovery is essential for all things.

Chris Deheus
March 2022

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