“Inspirations from Nature” Marjorie Taylor
Centre Gallery

02 Apr - 01 May


Marjorie Taylor’s “Inspirations from Nature” is a beautiful exhibition showcasing large scale, vibrantly coloured botanical inspired paintings.

Take a walkthrough of the exhibit on our YouTube channel. 

All artwork in this exhibition is for sale. For inquiries about purchasing or more more information please call us at 780-814-6080 or email at info@creativecentre.ca.



I would like to paraphrase a statement by Bob Dylan who says “we work with what we’ve been given.” This captures my journey as an artist as I am a product of geography and life experiences—a child of the prairies, marrying young and raising a large family while bumping around Saskatchewan and Alberta. I
stumbled into the art world by taking a University of Alberta Extension painting workshop in Whitecourt, Alberta. Encouraged by guest artist, Ilga Lubane, my love affair with the creative process began. I continued to take classes and attended workshops in Red Deer College, Lethbridge College and Grande
Prairie culminating in receiving a Diploma in Fine Arts from the Grand Prairie Regional College. I continue to work in various mediums and exhibit but painting continues to be my main interest. In this year of “Covid-19”, I feel very fortunate to be able to continue in the creative process.

Variations on a theme is exciting when a series of work emerges allowing the artist to express oneself. Nature offers the Inspiration and Abstract Art lends the artist a meditative curiosity to a direction in which a work will proceed.
Looking no further than my backyard, Nature offered Inspiration and novel ideas in recreating Images.Flowers morph into Abstract forms creating various interpretations.

Poppies are one of my favorite flowers. Their journey through many stages—beginning, mid-bloom to full-bloom—only to rebirth to continue the cycle yearly. i.e. Floating Form Poppy in Progress.  Looked out the window in frosty winter, poppies standing in lifeless form, Nature offers shapes and
inspiration to an artist. i.e. Poppies #1, #2

The Amaryllis is another flower emphasizing various stages of transformation offering the artist a myriad inspiration of shapes and colour. It has a shorter life span, springs from a bulb into mid-bloom progressing to beauty of full bloom.
Variations on a Theme is exciting when a series of work emerges. Like music, there is always anothersymphony or song to be written and heard. So too, Visual Art.

Quote: Jack Shadboldt: “impulse to improvise” an act can be common place things –gains inventive
Quote: Hans Hofmann: 1960 Nature: the source of inspiration
“Nature is always the source of his (hers) creative impulses.”
“Hers” has been added

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