Art Squared 2022
Centre Gallery

03 Sep - 30 Sep

Art Squared is the Centre for Creative Arts Annual Silent Auction Fundraiser. 34 local artists have created artworks on 16″x16″ canvases. The canvases will be on display and available to be bid on throughout the month of September.

Closing reception: Thursday, September 29, 6pm – 8pm.

Join us for our closing reception. Meet the artists, enjoy free refreshments and bring along the whole family to enjoy this exciting collection of local artworks. This exhibition and silent auction fundraiser
features 34 diverse, original creations generously donated by talented local artists. There is some thing
for everyone! All funds generated through the silent auction will support programs at the Centre for
Creative Arts, including our Healing Arts Program. The silent auction will run from September 3-29th.


Silent auction will close September 29, 8pm.

Please read the 2022 Art Squared Silent Auction Terms and Conditions. 

Register your bid number by coming in or by phone at 780-814-6080. Bids can be placed in person or by phone from Saturday, September 3 at 1pm to Thursday, September 29 at 7:59pm.


View the show on our YouTube Channel.




  1. Dreamscape

Candace Hook


Closing Bid: $85


Dreamscape, Candace Hook, Acrylic



2. Tenacity

Elizabeth Hutchinson

Mixed Media

Closing Bid: $210

Tenacity Elizabeth Hutchison, Mixed Media



3. Grey Jay

Brigitte Himer


Closing Bid: $100

Grey Jay, Brigitte Himer, Acrylic



4. Fall Sunset at Ivy Lake

Vickie Mackey


Closing Bid: $140

Fall Sunset at Ivy Lake, Vickie Mackey, Acrylic


5. Forest Footprints

Tia Stanway

Acrylic & Posca

Closing Bid: $140

Forest Footprints, Tia Stanway, Acrylic & Posca Marker



6. Untitled

Melanie Jenner


Closing Bid: $50

Untitled, Melanie Jenner, Acrylic



7. Morning Has Broken

Tina Dale


Current Bid: $75

Morning Has Broken, Tina Dale, Acrylic



8. Sentinel

Janet Enfield


Closing Bid: $100

Sentine, Janet Enfield, Oil



9. Dave

Helen Teichroeb

Oil over Acrylic

Closing Bid: $100

Dave, Helen Teichroeb, Oil over Acrylic



10. The Mist Aflame

Shanda Fuller


Closing Bid: $80

The Mist Aflame, Shanda Fuller, Acrylic




Joselyn Dueck


Closing Bid: $90

Mashkwa, Joselyn Dueck, Acrylic



12. Summer July Day in the Peace Country

Carmen Haakstad


Closing Bid:: $175

Summer July Day in the Peace Country, Carmen Haakstad, Oil



13. Summer Color

Jim Stokes Acrylic

Closing Bid: $225

Summer Color, Jim Stokes, Acrylic



14. Cloud

Debbie Courvoisier


Closing Bid: $160

Cloud, Debbie Courvoisier, Acrylic



15. The Lily

Helena Mulligan Acrylic

Closing Bid: $160

The Lily, Helena Mulligan, Acrylic



16.Ronnie the Rooster

Shirley Weiss


Closing Bid:$200

Ronnie the Rooster, Shirley Weiss, Acrylic



17. Untitled

Marjorie Taylor


Closing Bid: $85

Untitled, Marjorie Taylor, Acrylic



18. Peace Country

Aretha Laverne


Closing Bid: $110

Peace Country, Aretha Laverne, Acrylic



19. Minerva

Carmen McAuliffe


Closing Bid: $135

Minerva, Carmen McAuliffe, Acrylic



20. Ellie

Leslie Bjur


Closing Bid: $95

Ellie, Leslie Bjur, Acrylic



21. No Title

Mary Mottishaw

Oil pastel, chalk, graphite, acrylic, rice paper and cotton thread on canvas

Current Bid: $120

No Title, Mary Mottishaw, Mixed media



22. Whimsical Bonnets

Joanna Balaski


Current Bid: $150

Whimsical Bonnets, Joanna Balaski, Acrylic



23. Ammonite in Situ

Theresa Shanks
Stone, Sand and Shell with Resin

Closing Bid:$125

Ammonite in Situ, Theresa Shanks, Stone, Sand and Shell with Resin



24. Spheroid

Whitney Lee Hayes


Closing Bid: $75

Spheroid, Whitney Lee Hayes, Acrylic



25. The Lily Pond

Kiren Niki Sangra
Acrylic, Gelli Printing, Multimedia

Closing Bid: $130

The Lily Pond, Kiren Niki Sangra, Acrylic, Gelli Printing, Multimedia



26. Don’t Worry Bee Happy

Christina Wallwork Acrylic

Current Bid: $110

Don’t Worry Bee Happy, Christina Wallwork, Acrylic



27. Hollyhocks at the South Entrance

Katherine Moe


Closing Bid: $120

Hollyhocks at the South Entrance, Katherine Moe, Acrylic



28. Solemnity

Roxanne Gordey


Closing Bid: $200

Solemnity, Roxanne Gordey, Acrylic



29. Intuition
Tammy Baduk

Mixed Media

Closing Bid: $160

Intuition, Tammy Baduk, Mixed Media



30. Duplicity 2

Sean Trostem


Closing Bid: $140

Duplicity 2, Sean Trostem, Photography



31. Fish in Water

Heather Fedoruk

Fiber Collage

Closing Bid: $75

Fish in Water, Heather Fedoruk, Fiber Collage



32. Wild & Free

Noreen Vavrek


Closing Bid: $200

Wild & Free, Noreen Vavrek, Acrylic



33. A Siren at Sunset

Katrina Latos


Closing Bid: $90

A Siren at Sunset, Katrina Latos, Digital



34. Jellyfish

Marty Johnson

Airbrush Acrylic

Closing Bid: $170

Jellyfish, Marty Johnson Airbrush, Acrylic




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