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Cha Cha Heels (not part of competition)

Carrie Robins of the Academy Grande Prairie 

5pm: Olivia Heelan, Ava Peebles, Sierra Kaliel and Madison Price

7pm: Elise Budde, Madisyn Chalifoux, Nyah Walker and Trista Davis

The Academy dance program is pleased to share a dance inspired by the fun and flirty ballroom dance, the cha cha. We hope you enjoy!



Around the World

Hope Mayer and Alaina Kunz with make-up by Chantal Wall

Modeled by Hope Mayer

“Difference is of the essence of humanity. The answer to difference is to respect it. Therein lies a most fundamental principle of peace: respect for diversity.”

                                                                                                   –Kurt Waldheim

Inspired by the numerous cultures our world is home to, this dress represents unity in diversity. 


Favourite Things 

Caroline Cousineau

Modeled by Lilith Monk

Time to move forward to another chapter of my children’s growth. While decluttering my daughter’s room, there were many adorable toys and things she no longer played with but didn’t want to part with. Letting go of sentimental items is hard and challenging, especially for children moving forward. Creating wearable art from her favourite things has helped this process go smoother and be more exciting. A new everlasting memory!


The Real Thing

Trish Matlock and Kristin Schemenauer

Modeled by Trish Matlock

Let’s take you back 133 years to 1886 to when a pharmacist created a soda that would change what the future looks like in so many ways. The iconic contour bottles that sport the vibrant bottle caps like the 1500 represented on our tribute though time, were first seen on Time Magazine in the 50’s. Both traditional Coca Cola and Coke bottle caps were used on this dress along with tape, a shower curtain, glue, silica beads, buttons and so much more! The Real Thing! One of the most iconic slogans through the years, brought to us the song “I’d like to Teach the World to Sing” that we all know. “You Can’t Beat the Real Thing,” so let’s “Open Some Happiness” and “Enjoy a Coca Cola Today!”


When We Rise

Leslie Bjur

Modeled by Maya Bjur with Hair and Make-up by Jamie Sorley

This is a story of strength. The rising from the storm of pleasing and suffering. Finding purpose and authenticity. How we become more beautiful with personal power. Constructed from coffee filters, paper towels and foil packaging florets in a ballerina like shape. 


Playin’ in Paint

Kaitlyn Benoit

Modeled by Kianna Jebb

A skirt made of paint cards with a sequin and tulle top.



Who Me?

Joanna Moen and Emma Gilbert

Modeled by Emma Gilbert

Have you ever wanted to scribble on the wall or maybe even on big sister’s dress? Stay tuned! 


The Lennox

Shirley Hayden with welding by Dion Hayden and earrings by Germaine House Modeled by Miranda Oakford with Ryan Hayden

This piece was inspired by Annie Lennox mixed with French haute couture. Many CD’s were harmed in the making of this production! There are 917 Cd’s on the welded frame alone. The skirt is detachable and can be hung as a piece of art. Special thanks to Germaine House and Dion Hayden for all their support through the creative process. Dion, I could not done this without you! Thank You!



Kiren Niki Sangra

Modeled by the artist

Crafted from egg cartons and scent tester strips, this ensemble consists of a grand floral neckpiece, a quirky headpiece and a skirt of hanging wisteria inspired cardboard blooms, all in shades of lavender and lilac. Hand cut, hand painted and assembled with care. Matching accessories complete the look. 


Periodical Issues

Candace Hook

Modeled by Amy Slon

Periodical Issues, these words can describe both magazines and the effects of making wearable art. I have participated in the Wearable Arts Show each year and have often gone back to paper as my medium of choice.  It’s lightweight, easy to work with, adaptable and readily available. This 10th edition dress is composed of repurposed magazines.  Using multiple copies of the same issue has allowed for a repetition of color and patterns throughout the piece.     


Harm reduction is Everybody’s Business

Northreach Society Harm Reduction team

Modeled by Amanda Gear

Northreach Society (Formally known as HIV North) decided to join this year’s Wearable Arts show to raise awareness about Harm Reduction. The suit and briefcase are embellished with harm reduction supplies, such as insulin syringes, latex tourniquets, alcohol swabs, sterile water, foil, condoms and a naloxone kit. 


Klimt Kouture 

Tammy Baduk

Modeled by Chantal McAuliffe

Gaudy Gustav or Klimt Couture? Inspired by the artist who is famous for his love of busy patterns, rebellious eroticism and gold, gold, gold! 


Swan Dress

Sandra Borgfjord

Modeled by Jordan

Recycled toilet paper and paper towel rolls were used to create a feathered swan dress. The hat, gloves and daisy purse complete the swan attire. 


Wild Woman

Suzan Purdy

Modeled by Shandelle Purdy

The Wild Woman carries the bundles for healing; she carries everything a woman needs to be and to know. She carries the medicine for all things. She carries stories and dreams and words and songs and signs and symbols. She is both vehicle and destination. A deer hide cape, leather vest with burlap dress with matching handmade moccasins, accessories and a deer antler crown. 


Printed Petals

Kaitlyn Benoit

Modeled by the artist and Anita Labbe

Whenever there is a picturesque view, it can be described as more then words can describe. I decided to make my piece out of words. It is constructed out of old newspapers, books and, of course, lots of glitter!


Something Out of the Blue

Jordan Ophus

Modeled by Natashia Woodman

Inspired by childhood joy, this piece aims to create a sense of nostalgia through the trinkets and toys of our youth, all the way back to when someone asked you, “what’s your favourite color?” 


Radio Gaga

Shirley Hayden with welding by Dion Hayden and earrings by Germaine House

Modeled by Andrea Polasek

Hundreds of hours of work, over 8oo CD’s, hundreds of glue sticks later and a small idea, a big project was born. Thousands of songs were listened to during the making of this gown, but not one was listened to, oddly enough, on a CD. The CD’s are mounted to a welded frame made by Dion Hayden. Special Thanks to Juanita Jordan and Caroline Monk for their support during the creative process. 


The Peacock Princess (not part of competition)

Amanda Syryda

Dancer: Amanda Syryda

Smooth as a feather, she moves with grace; dancing, twirling, spinning, bringing a smile to your face. If you catch a feather, keep it near; it will bring you good luck I hear.


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