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Touches of Gold  

(not part of competition)

Carrie Robins of The Academy Grande Prairie Dance Program


5pm: Brookelynn Anthony, Megan Doyle, Olivia Clarke, Katie Edwards and Madisyn Chalifoux

7pm: Olivia Vaneverdink, Ava Peebles, Elise Budde, Nyah Walker, Trista Davis and Paige Klassen

A contemporary dance number performed by the Academy Dance Senior Company.




WINNER! Viewer’s choice runner up. Sponsored by Prairie Mall

Artist: Joanne Cousins

Model: Abby Machibroda

A fusion of steampunk and post-apocalyptic fashion, “Wasteland” was inspired by elements of a time past and a time yet to come. Using scrap materials, zip ties, gears, spray paints and other elements, the end result is a high fashion type garment with moody undertones to suit the devastated world it exists in.



Artist: Tammy Baduk

Model: Tammy Baduk

Inspired by Robert Guest’s painting “ Barren Level,” from the permanent collection at the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie. My vision was to reinvent Guest’s charred and fiery landscape into a modern and somewhat minimalistic wearable form.


Protect the Peel

Artist: Felicia Nazon

Model: Derrick Chang

This vest represents the Gwichin Nation and the importance of Protect the Peel for generations to come. The caribou calving grounds are vital for the caribou subsistence.


Labour of Love

Artist: Caroline Monk

Models: Caroline Monk and Lilith Monk

Three years of saving the dryer sheets from every load of my family’s laundry has inspired me to create these pieces. They are the representation of my Labour of Love.



Artist: Amy Freemark

Model: Shannai Langlois

Capitalism is shown to be flashy and depicted as a good thing but at a closer look it is rigid and inflexible, making it difficult for people to get ahead. I wanted to show both sides of the story. One showing how people work so hard to keep up, but don’t have anything to show for it and the other of those who already have so much and expect to be respected, even though they have done nothing to earn it.



Artist: Maxine Steinke and Theresa Loewen

Model: Lenore Loewen

This piece is a collaboration of two colleagues who became great friends. Assembled from office supplies; staples, fasteners, tape and hours of love! The inspiration came from many, many hours of Re-Organizing, Re-Cycling, Re-Using and Re-Shuffling files in the file room. We were excited for the challenge of making better use of our supplies, rather than just ending up in the “shred” bin. A special thanks to Lenore, our amazing colleague, for Re-Utilizing her time to be our Re-Purposed Model.


Black Magic

Artist: Leslie Bjur and Maya Bjur

Model: Maya Bjur

This is a story of a flight. We rise and fall and rise again in the landscape of life. This is a story of magic.


No Filter

Artist: Kaitlyn Benoit

Model: Anita Labbe and Kaitlyn Benoit

Out of the coffee shop and onto the stage, these dresses are made out of a variety of different sizes of coffee filters and coffee beans.


Something Avian

Artist: Abelone Petersen

Model: Abelone Petersen

This piece was inspired by Artists for Conservation’s International Year of the Bird. It is made with wire, fabric and beads. The feathers are all handmade, the footwear “ Orange Avian Bandals” are made with tiny seed beads and some Czech crystals. The Bird Festival in Vancouver identifies and honours all endangered bird species and this performance is to raise awareness of their struggles.


Meaty Psycho

Artist: Sarah E. Smith

Model: Sarah E. Smith

Eat and be eaten by animals of the race. A handmade dress painted with images of meat, accompanied by a ceramic meat sculpture.



(not part of competition)

Dancer: Samantha Nielsen

Journey is choreographed and performed by Samantha Nielsen. This dance piece is a reminder that it is not about the destination, but the journey.

Giving Thanks    WINNER! Artists Choice- Sponsored by Prairie Soul Weddings

Artist: Kristin Hurtubise and Linda Pearcey

Model: Susan Brougham

Giving Thanks is a cornucopia of fashion with 75% of this fashion being edible. See if you can find all of the delicious delicacies with your Thanksgiving feast.


A Growing Process

Artist: Sarah Wood

Model: Sarah Wood

I created this dress for my grad. Beginning with a plain dark blue dress, I added fabric and volume to the skirt before using acrylics and fabric medium to highlight the theme of how memories ground us and how they help us grow. The 2018 PWA Grad theme of Van Gogh’s Starry Night was also incorporated into the dress.



A Light Commitment

Artist: Joanna Moen and Deb Courvoisier

Model: Nyah Walker 

In the depths of winter a flock of white doves flew northward with clouds of tulle, destined for the Wearable Arts Show. Secret instructions were woven into the fabric, but we can not reveal what they are. We can only say this: “Though at times clouds may block the sun, they are always filled with light.”


A Beautiful Paradox

Artist: Hollie George

Model: Hollie George

As the phoenix arises from the ashes, I too shall be reborn. This piece was created to symbolize strength through change. The many masks show the different people and personalities you meet along the journey. Set fire to the rain, never back down.



Artist: Candace Hook and Wesley Hook

Model: Amy Slon

The fierce power of a volcano erupts on stage. Created with up-cycled plastic, garments and trash bags.



Pasta La Vista

Artist: Kiren Niki Sangra

Model: Tia Stanway

Dyed penne pasta strung in an ombre pattern adorns a flapper type dress giving it sassy swing as our model sashays down the runway. Her fashionable footwear is festooned with pasta patterns in their natural color. A necklace and hair band complete her ensemble, these accessories are made with a variety of dyed and natural pasta shapes. 


Floral, One Roll at a Time  

WINNER! Viewer’s choice winner. Sponsored by Prairie Mall

Artist: Cindy Nychka

Model: Caitlin Rose Beale

More than 100 toilet paper rolls cut into a variety of flowers. Over 200 flowers arranged into this elegant bouquet.




(not part of competition)

Amanda Syryda

Dancer: Amanda Syryda

Big, bold, bright! Circus magic comes to life!


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