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Hosted by Debbie Courvoisier and Joyce Black    



The Electric Tango

(not part of competition)

Carrie Robins of The Academy Grande Prairie Dance Program

Dancers: Justice Walker, Treyvin Kinisky, Brookelynn Anthony, Olivia VanEverdink, 

Chloe Nicholls, Trista Davis, Nyah Walker, Makena Blais-Ventura

Inspired by the iconic ballroom dance of Latin America, the Academy Dancers present a tango jazz dance routine.


French Fashion

Petra Roberts and Lena Gilje

Model: Jane Roberts

Petra’s dream has been to be a designer in Paris. We have incorporated fashion, design and art to express her love of the city of Paris. 



Danielle Ribar, Jordan Garbitt, Kelsey Holzi, Jennifer Ferris, Sean Johnson

Model: Nikki Skilliter

Kanaloa is a vengeful sea goddess of the Polynesian Henderson Island, which is suffocating under 18 tons of plastic. This uninhabited island is one of the worlds biggest marine 

reserves and yet is suffering from the effects of humanity under millions of pieces of plastic. She is here to be the guardian of the ecosystem in agony, choked by water bottles and fishing nets. 


Garment Bags

Jordan Garbitt

Model: Keara Okemow

This dress was created using a collection of plastic grocery shopping bags. Every grocery trip added another layer to the dress.


In the Backyard

Debbie Courvoisier

Models: Audrey Voutier and Graham Collier

Representing both the natural beauty of these two models and nature itself. Landscaping cloth has been sewn and embellished with spruce cones and leaves from the backyard. A special thank you to my daughters who always let me talk them into the festivities I call Art. 



Ashley Mitchell

Model: Ayla Loch

Arethusia, the woodland nymph. This piece is made from repurposed leather jackets and has been hand painted to reflect what a woodland nymph would wear in daily travels through the forest. 



Leslie Bjur

Model: Maya Bjur

Eevee is a warrior cat, an archer. Loosely based on a post apocalyptic possible future. Eevee is  clever, playful and lethal if need be. Her favorite pastimes are hide and seek and hunting.


The Lady of Sycamore

WINNER! First Place

Candace Hook and Wesley Hook

Model: Amy Slon

A group of crows has long been referred to as a “murder.”  Folklore suggests crows congregate to decide the capital fate of one of their own.  This haunted piece features the Lady of Sycamore.  Her ancient sprit embodies a hollow tree, calling a murder in to roost upon her branches.  The tree is constructed of recycled garments, silk plants, burlap,tape, adhesives and paint. 



Madison Prangnell

Model: Gabrielle Mycroft

During a camping trip in Scotland, “Lichen” came to me while admiring the lush countryside. The beautiful, dense earth made the entire scene ‘Come Together.’ This piece is made entirely from upcycled materials with 3D printed accents, such as the 3 large buttons down the front of the jacket.


Violet Rose

WINNER! Third Place

Debbie Courvoisier

Model: Peyton Walker

Violet Rose is an example of romance and elegance, both the dress and Peyton’s gracefulness. Landscaping cloth has been sewn and a selection of silk flowers placed to give the viewer an idea of what to wear when you can’t make your mind up about your bouquet.


Rainbow Sprite

(not part of competition)

Amanda Syryda

Dancer: Amanda Syryda

A fairy, or a butterfly, spreading rainbow magic as you pass by.


Canada 150 Years of Transportation: Getting the Horse Power in the Car

Abelone Petersen

Models: Christina Frey, Karen Kaip and Abelone Petersen 

Celebrating Canada’s 150 Celebration focusing on the evolution of transportation.


A Superheroes Graduation

Crystal Ibach

Model: Nicole MacMullin

This dress was made for Alice Grimley as a custom request. She wanted a grad dress made out of comic books. I brought her idea to life by making Spiderman the main focal point and adding a variety of other comic book characters to fill out the rest of the dress. Youth, like Alice, face many challenges in life that they must over come to become their own superheros and succeed in life.  



Tinkerbell Expelled

WINNER! People’s Choice

Rebecca Johnston and Donna Clark

Model: Rebecca Johnston

This outfit is a spin-off of the original Disney Tinkerbell. Here we see her as a warrior, banished from Neverland, making her own way. The wings are made of real bark wired together, showing her makeshift attempt to fly back to the world she loved, but never did.


Let’s Dance

Hollie George and Megan LaRiviere

Models: Hollie George and Megan LaRiviere

Inspired by Kpop fashion and music, we designed our pieces with VHS tape, DVDs and cassette tapes.


The Metallic Queen

Samantha Nielson

Model: Samantha Nielson

The Metallic Queen is a character that was inspired by fantasy film and literature. Her outfit is made of upcycled fabrics and tinfoil. She is preparing for a journey of magic and wonder. Will you join this magical quest?


Nightmare Couture

Kiren Niki Sangra

Model: Tia Stanway

A beautiful nightmare creeps in, feeding on stress and anxiety. Her intimidating black and red outfit is fashioned from black garbage bags on a canvas base.  

Hair by Brandy from Salon Acasio.


Modish Axiom

WINNER! Second Place

Joanne Cousins

Model: Asheley Frost

Inspired by couture fashion created with unconventional materials. This gown was created with over 1000 balloons. 


All Suited Up 

Kaitlyn Benoit

Model: Avery, Anita and John

The Queen of Hearts is shuffling the deck while the Diamonds and Clubs follow her every command.



Trash is Trashy

Tyla Isley

Model: Serena Isley

Litter-ally created with trash, combining cigarette butts, plastic bags, straws, bottle caps and more. All found on the streets of Grande Prairie, picked and collected by the artist herself. She knows what you are thinking, disgusting right? You’ll be trash talking it for weeks! Her goal is to make a difference and raise awareness about the impact of littering in our community. Please be responsible for your trash and don’t litter. Be the change you want to see in the world! There is no planet B!


Bring Back the Melody

(not part of competition)

Amanda Syryda

Dancer: Amanda Syryda

Fun, funky and bright, join Amanda for a hoop dance performance!



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