The Centre For Creative Arts

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Mission Statement: To Offer a Creative Experience that encourages the teaching, expression and celebration of the Arts.

Vision Statement: To be the Centre of the Arts Experience

The origins of The Centre for Creative Arts can be traced back to 1934, when the first art class was taught by Evy McBryan and Betty McNaught at the Grande Prairie Art Club. At this time the classes were held on the top floor of the old courthouse. By 1964, the name had changed to the Arts and Crafts Centre and the course offerings had expanded to include weaving, leatherwork and other crafts.  As program enrollments were continually increasing, the Arts and Crafts Centre moved into a converted World War II “H” hut.  Pottery, stained glass, painting and dance classes were added to the list of courses offered.  In 1992, as a result of unsuitable health and safety standards at the old H Hut, the Grande Prairie City Council agreed to move the Centre to the current location at the Old Provincial Courthouse. In conjunction with the move, the Centre took the new name: The Centre for Creative Arts.  The Centre for Creative Arts was incorporated as a non profit Society in 1995.   Many well known, local artists have used the Arts and Craft Centre as a starting point. These included Euphemia McNaught, Evy McBryan, Jack Rogers, Deborah Judit, Tim Heimdal, and Jim Stokes, to name a few.

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